Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Newest Lengberg Bra

I have finally finished another bra based on the "longline" bra found in Lengberg Castle in Austria.  This one includes the sprang insert, with flat fingerloop braids and needlelace.  My work is interpretive, since the original bra no longer has the sprang insert.

This bra is entirely handsewn using waxed linen thread. The body of the bra was made using a courser, thicker linen, with the cups being made using a somewhat finer linen, as the original was made.  
Here is a closeup of the insert as it is on me.  Needlelace decorates the edge of the cups and connects the flat fingerloop braids to the sprang. The flat fingerloop braids provide essential structure to the sprang edge. 

The bra shown flat.
The inside of the bra. Notice the gathered sprang at the point. This was my best solution to the shape between the cups. 
The back. The seam down the back was a fix done to allow the bra to fit more snugly. The laces are round fingerloop braids made with linen thread. The sprang, fingerloop braids, and needlelace are also linen thread.

I've made new sprang for the insert, and it looks much nicer:

The sprang lies nicely and is prettier too.  The pattern is from the blog squirrel!http://www.exhaliastudios.com/squirrel/this-sprang-has-sprung/